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2014.200 Micro Magic Racing RTR



2014.200 Micro Magic Racing RTR




  • Almost-Ready-to-Run (ARTR) Model
  • The racing MICRO MAGIC RTR was designed to reflect developments on the MICRO MAGIC racing scene, and in its standard form constitutes a version intended for ambitious regatta work
  • Hull, deck, hatch cover, and keel mast socket are made of vacuumm-moulded glass-fibre-reinforced plastic and are pre-assembled and bonded
  • All RC components are already installed in the hull
  • The 40 MHz (FM) hand transmitter comes with joysticks optimised for sailing
  • The rig is pre-assembled to such a degree that it can be set up quickly
  • The sails have to be mounted, because they are packed separately to avoid crinkling
  • The keel fin and rudder are injection-moulded in glass-fibre reinforced plastic for outstanding stiffness
  • The slightly reduced areas and slim profile of the fin and rudder result in reduced drag
  • Factory-made, pre-sewn sail suit of white, water-repellent, lightweight sail fabric
  • Lightweight but stable rig is made of CFRP tubing. The boat features a one-piece mast in order to obtain a strong rig without the need for a spreader
  • The rig consists of the newly developedhigh-quality plastic fittings that are also used in the kit
  • The boat has a pre-installed jib trimming servo, so that you can fine-tune the sail trim while the boat is running
  • The whole sail adjustment system is low in friction thanks to the double control arm and dual return pulleys
  • The high degree of pre-assembly means you can finish the model quickly
  • Pre-painted hull, keel fin, and rudder with factory-applied decals
  • Set contents: vacuum-moulded ABS hull, deck, hatch, and two-part keel mast socket, laser-cut wooden internal fittings and boatstand, glass-fibre reinforced plastic rudder and keel fin, cast keel ballast mounted on the keel fin, various injection-moulded plastic parts, carbon fibre tubing for mast and booms, ready-made sail suit, polyester cord, small items, decal sheet, instructions in German, English and French



  • ARTR (Almost Ready To Run)
  • With the MICRO MAGIC RTR, the familiar racing MICRO MAGIC is also available as a pre-assembled model
  • In spite of its extraordinarilly small size, the racing MICRO MAGIC is a high-quality regatta model yacht with all the usual control functions
  • The RTR variant meetsthe technical requirements of the German regatta scene
  • The racing MICRO MAGIC is suitable for light to moderate winds
  • The compact size of the racing MICRO MAGIC makes it easy to transport and the the ideal choice for use on holiday
  • For tips, more information, and regatta dates for the racing MICRO MAGIC, please visit

RC functions

Sail control
Jib sheet trim


Overall length, approx. : 535 mm
Beam, approx.: 180 mm
All-up weight, approx.: 860 g
Sail area (cm2): 1450 cm²
Overall height approx.: 980 mm

Micro Magic RTR Graupner Micro Magic RTR Graupner


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