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True-scale propeller drive unit for powering and controlling model boats. The new Voith-Schneider propeller unit (usual abbreviation VSP) for model boats was developed with the help of original factory drawings. At the design stage we insisted that all the basic functions should emulate those of the original.

In the Voith-Schneider system the propeller generates both thrust and steering forces by altering the angle of the propeller blades.
Changes in speed are produced by altering the pitch angle of the propeller blades.

Changes in speed are produced by altering the pitch angle of the propeller blades; motor speed remains constant. Thrust vectoring is used to alter the direction of running, with infinite variation available through 360º without any change in the direction of motor rotation. For this reason only a simple motor switch or a forward- only speed controller is required forthe motor.

The VSP is designed as a robust slow-running unit (the SPEED 500 E 12 V motor supplied is fitted with an appropriate reduction gearbox). In an effort to generate as little noise as possible, the reduction gearbox is based on a toothed belt reducer. The system is straightforward to install in the model boat: the mounting ring (supplied) is glued in the hull, and the VSP is simply screwed to the ring.

The main shaft is supported in two rubber-sealed ballraces, making the VSP unit virtually watertight. All other heavily stressed parts are made of metal or high-quality bearing plastics, and the unit can be expected to have a long useful life if maintained properly.

The propeller blades can be replaced easily if they should become damaged. Two servos are required to control the system.    

VSP, connection cables, mounting ring, electric motor SPEED 500 E, small parts, instructions.
Drive motor SPEED 500 E 12 V
Operating voltage 10 ... 12 V
No. of propeller blades 5
Blade length approx. 50 mm
Propeller disc Ø approx. 65 mm
Overall height (incl. motor) approx. 155 mm
Housing Ø approx. 93 mm
Weight (incl. motor) approx. 445 g
Height excl. motor approx. 115 mm
Required opening in hull approx. 84 mm


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