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3302 SPEED 600 BB Turbo 12V



3302 SPEED 600 BB Turbo 12V



Hi-power standard electric motor delivering high torque. Mainly suitable for direct drive with 6 to 8 cells. Motor comes standard with removable stator ring.
SPEED 600 BB TURBO 12 V Graupner 3302 Ballbearing-supported performance motor with 5-piece armature. Delivers excellent output for low current drain. Particularly suitable for drive systems with 10 NC cells and up. Comes standard with stator ring. Nominal voltage 12 V
Operating voltage range 4,8 ... 14,4 V
No-load rpm 17200 min–1
No-load current drain 1 A
Current drain at max. efficiency 7 A
Current drain when stalled 40 A
Max. efficiency without gearbox 77 %
Length of case, excl. shaft 57 mm
Diameter 37 mm
Free shaft length 8,7 mm
Shaft diameter 3,17 mm
Weight 220 g


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