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6251 Extra 300 S



6251 Extra 300 S



6251 WP EXTRA 300 S

The EXTRA 300 S is currently one of the world´s finest aerobatic aircraft. The aircraft is built in Dinslaken, where the famed aerobatic pilot Walter Extra designs and produces these machines. As with modern gliders, these powered aircraft are built using primarily GRP and CFRP
composite materials. The engines fitted to these machines are specially converted in Germany, and feature increased compression ratio anddifferent pistons. We were determined that our model would feature harmonious, nicely balanced flying characteristics and top aerobatic performance. This is reflected in the precise way the EXTRA 300 S follows every control command during aerobatics, but remains docile to handle at landing time. The construction of the model using conventional built-up techniques produces a very low take-off weight, which is the basic requirement for good aerobatics. The fuselage features conventional formers and is reinforced at all highly stressed points. The wing panels
feature ribs and spars, and are partially sheeted; they only have to be glued together using the generously dimensioned joiners supplied. The fin and tailplane are solid balsa sheet panels. The fuselage, wing panels, fin and tailplane are supplied built and film covered, and the decals are factory-applied. Completing the model requires little work from the modeller: all you have to do is join the wing panels, glue the tail panels to the fuselage, and install the fueltank, motor and RC system. The elevator and rudder are both actuated by single servos, with the Direct Steel System (DSS) ensuring slop-free linkages. The ailerons are actuated by separate servos.

Pack contents

Assembly instructions with stage photos in German, English and French. Fuselage, wing panels, tailplane, fin, GRP motor cowl, GRP wheel fairings, undercarriage, spinner, fueltank, wheels, canopy, small items, linkage hardware pack.

RC functions

Rudder, coupled with tailwheel

Wingspan approx. 1600 mm
Fuselage length excl. spinner approx. 1140 mm
Wing area approx. 42,4 dm²
All-up weight according to fittings approx. 3000 g


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