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90037 M1A2 Abrams Khaki Char



90037 M1A2 Abrams Khaki Char



Product information
A realistic 2nd generation US tank with superb detail fittings and weathered paintwork, infra-red detector light, lighting effects, sound, firing function with barrel recoil. The radio control system can be used to control forward and reverse running, the steering function, rotation on the spot, 360° rotation of the gun turret, elevation of the cannon with simultaneous swivelling of the machine gun.

The set includesplastic ammunition which can be fed into the gun barrel using a ramrod.

The gun can then be fired at the dummy tank (also supplied) to give exciting gunnery practice. The tank emits realistic sound and light effects when the cannon is fired. The barrel recoils after the gun is fired, and the tank jerks backwards a short distance. Front searchlights and rear light glow when the tank is running.

The model is capable of climbing gradients of up to 35°.    

Pack contents
Completely pre-assembled ready-made model with integral radio control system, integral electronic speed controller, painted bodywork, plastic ammunition, ramrod, dummy tank, rechargeable 7.2 V drive battery, 220 V plug-type charger, 9 V transmitter battery, operating instructions.
RC functions
Forward right / left
Reverse right / left
Rotation on the spot, right / left
Raise / lower cannon / machine gun right / left
Rotation of gun turret
Cannon fire function

Length approx. 635 mm
Width approx. 230 mm
Height approx. 220 mm
Weight approx. 2250 g
Scale 1 : 16


On order to supplier, usually ships within 7 to 14 days.







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