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90180 R-1 Nitro Buggy 4WD 1/8



90180 R-1 Nitro Buggy 4WD 1/8




The new Bergonzoni R1 PRO Racing Buggy is a completely new development in the 1:8 offroad class. The result is one of the most innovative vehicles in its class. The main goal of the designers was to reduce the weight and the rotating masses as much as possible in order to create one of the lightest and most agile vehicles available. In addition, value was placed on a low centre of gravity, extremely good hold, and an ultra-narrow chassis with perfect lateral balance, which was achieved, among other ways, through the slightly angled motor.

The Bergonzoni R1 sets new standards in acceleration, steering, and jumping performance for 1:8 offroad buggies. The vehicle is delivered as a kit without motor or remote control.

    Unmounted 4WD chassis with all-wheel drive and 3 differentials (steel bevel gear differentials)
    Suitable for motors with 3.5 cm³ displacement
    4 adjustable aluminium oil-filled shock absorbers
    Articulated joints for power transmission in front
    Special drive shafts in the rear
    Crystal-clear polycarbonate body
    Suitable for all popular Masterfix tuned pipes

The Bergonzoni R1 is a thoroughbred competition buggy for ambitious pilots. Perfect, easy handling, low weight, and the necessary toughness are the hallmarks of this competition model. Tuned pipe and tyres have been consciously dispensed with, because all pilots have their own preferences in this area, which they can thus implement as they like.

RC functions


Width : 300 mm
Ground clearance: 70 mm
Scale: 1:8
Height, approx.: 185 mm
Overall length, approx.: 490 mm
Wheelbase adjustable: 323-328 mm
All-up weight RTR, approx.: 3260 g
Motor : 3,5 ccm



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