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9603 500X-S Quad Flyer



9603 500X-S Quad Flyer




The quadrocopter for semiprofessional use. Suitable for everyone from beginner to pro. Settings from agile to docile. Few parts, so assembly is easy. After a crash, the model is quickly ready to fly again. The maximum payload is 1400 g. Even with a 2S/2200 mAh LiPo battery, flight times of about 12 minutes are possible, depending on payload.
With the 500X-S Quad Flyer, you have an aircraft that makes it child's play to take aerial photos. To get the aircraft ready to fly, all you need is a remote control and a drive battery.
Working with quadrocopters represents an increased hazard and requires particular attention - see instructions.


  • Brushless propulsion via 4x BL motor GUEC GM-412 S with 960 KV
  • Control with 4x controller GUEC GE-183 with 18 A
  • Stabilisation system Quad Flyer Gyro GUEC GU-344 via 3 axes
  • Drive battery from 2S - 4S LiPo
  • Diameter measured over the engine axes 500 mm

RC functions

Climbing and diving
Pitch axis
(Control of the functions via electronic rpm control of the rotors)


All-up weight, approx.: poids de vol2200 g
Empty weight approx.: avec batterie 750 g


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