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JRXG7 radio XG7



JRXG7 radio XG7



The binding mode DMSS developed by JR offers the best of both modes of transmission such as FHSS and DSSS.
Fully bidirectional link DMSS integrates natively transfer information from the driver to his model, but also from the model towards the pilot. In other words, the telemetry is part of DMSS.
DMSS is a transmission system designed to offer the best reliability available on the market, whatever the environmental conditions under which the model evolves.

Download the attached document to understand the DMSS!

JR was able to improve the basic system transmitter / receiver, which communicated only in one direction (sender to receiver), a return ticket, which allows the receiver to send flight information to the transmitter. By displaying some model parameters, such as battery voltage, engine speed in real time, you will have new information to help you analyze your performance.

Basic functions:
• Reverse Servo
• Adjustable Right / Left deflections
• Dual Rate and Exponential
• Sub Trim
• Trim adjustements advance digital
• Trim Engine Idle
• Storage Trim
• Returning Train Button
• Adjustable Spring Tension
• Support Tuition fees
• Selection / Load Models: 18
• Name of the Models
• Reset settings
• Setting Fail Safe
• Monitoring of servos
• Trainer System: 2 selections
• A variety of alarms and timers
• Throttle cut (motor off)
• Change in mode 1 or 2
• Setting Bind / RF
• Setting telemetry
• On-screen information
• Range Test

Plane features:
• Mixing: 6 free
• Mixing ELEV -> FLAP
• Mixing WING -> RUDD
• Flap System
• Adjustable wing type

Helicopter Features:
• Flight Mode: 4 types
• Auto Dual Rate
• Gyro sensitivity adjustment
• Throttle hold (idle off)
• Throttle Curve (throttle curve) 3 systems 5 points of adjustment
• Program mix: 3 systems
• Revolution: 2 systems
• Pitch Curve (no curve) 4 curves to 5 points of adjustment
• Swashplate type: 4 types
• Alert Messages

JR PROPO radio XG7


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