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JRXG8 radio XG8



JRXG8 radio XG8



8 channels with radio telemetry integrated 2.4 GHz TX battery (1400 mAh Li-Fe), 9 V adapter (NEC-A912).
8-channel receiver + external antenna RG831B RA01T
DMSS modulation type (not compatible with the DSM-2)

Looking for more information about XG8, please visit the experienced pilot Arnaud Poyet.

The binding mode DMSS developed by JR offers the best of both modes of transmission such as FHSS and DSSS.
Fully bidirectional link DMSS integrates natively transfer information from the driver to his model, but also from the model towards the pilot. In other words, the telemetry is part of DMSS. DMSS is a transmission system designed to offer the best reliability available on the market, whatever the environmental conditions under which the model evolves.

JR was able to improve the basic system transmitter / receiver, which communicated only in one direction (sender to receiver), a return ticket, which allows the receiver to send flight information to the transmitter. By displaying some model parameters, such as battery voltage, engine speed in real time, you will have new information to help you analyze your performance.

Basic functions:
• Different modes Built helicopter, airplane and glider
• 30 model memories
• Large LCD with contrast adjustment
• Transmitter with new lightweight ergonomic design allows easier access to the various buttons on the flight.
• Weight: 770 g with battery
• 4 control modes (Mode 1 to Mode 4)
• Receiver included RG831B, 8 channels with external antenna + Telemetry
• New IOS JR (Intellegent Output System) when used on a helicopter, this system will supply the first swashplate servos which will cause a more rapid movement of the machine
• The DMSS combined telemetry provides real-time information such as:
voltage receiver pack voltage propulsion rpm propellers or blades, temperature, altimeter and many other features to come.
• A charger is built into the transmitter. To recharge the battery TX, simply connect the power supply 9 V (NEC-A912). The charging unit will detect when the battery is full charge and cut automatically.
• The supply 9 V can also be used during the programming of the issuer or when using the transmitter on a flight simulator.
• SD card to share settings or increase duties or perform software updates.
• Menu programming intuitive 3D dial + 4 buttons menu
• Remote trim on the sides of the transmitter allowing easy adjustment during flight.
• Free allocation of different switches
• Two types of selection of trim (THRO / Normal: electric aircraft or IDEL: air temperature) (WING / ELEV / RUDD / Normal or limitation of the sensitivity of trim to preserve the linkage)
• Functions Fail Safe on all 8 channels
• Power Programmable gas (engine)
• Two programmable timers
• Possibility to memorize the functions most often recorded

• 6 flight modes with programmable time
• Limits on travel swashplate
• 5 selectable types of plate
• Charts tail 5 points
• 4 throttle curves and pitch to 5 points
• Trim specific for adjusting gyro (gain) or engine speed
• curve of gas and not adjustable in flight
• System for easy correction of swashplate

• 3 flight modes with programmable time
• Switch 3 position flaps with programmable delay and mixing depth
• Different types of wing
- Normal: opportunity to select 2 steered on servos by FENDER / ELEV / RUDD / FLAP
- Flaperon: opportunity to select 2 steered on by servo ELEV / RUDD
- Delta possibility of government selected by 2 servos on RUDD / FLAP
- 4 Fins: opportunity to select 2 steered on by servo ELEV or RUDD
• Setting System V-tail (V-Tail)
• System specific trim to adjust the mix during the flight as an example during a landing flap or in a "Knife Edge"

For glider:
• 5 flight modes with programmable time
• Programs for specific braking mixing depth
• Different types of wing
- Flaperon: opportunity to select 2 steered on by servo ELEV / FLAP / PBMD PBMD = Aero brake
- V-tail
• System specific trim to adjust the mix during the flight such as during a landing

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