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T609G Kokomo 1000



T609G Kokomo 1000



Version 1 meter high performance sailing yacht Kokomo RC. It enjoys an exceptional level of finish with superb facilities and deck rigging pushed realism. With a matt alloy and real fabric sails Navy, this model is capable of high speeds even in light winds.
The shape of the keel with lead ballast located very low indeed provides a very effective recovery even in extreme situations. No sail winch is required, the large rudder provided ample used to maneuver the sails quickly and accurately. A sealed hatch for quick access to housing for radio equipment (available separately).

A series RC Racer 2-way system with standard servos is sufficient. The Utisa a 4-way radio is highly recommended.

- Model ready to assemble
- Molded ABS shell dyed
- Upper deck ABS dyed
- Pole-resistant alloy
- Printed in real fabric sails marine
- Fully adjustable wing (voltage and travel jib mainsail)
- Fittings realistic and decorative stickers included
- Ber format provided
- User guide complete with an introduction to sailing


On order to supplier, usually ships within 7 to 14 days.



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