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Shipping & Returns

Delivery - Methods
The delivery is carried out either by the direct handing-over of the product to the purchaser, or by simple opinion of provision, or by delivery with a shipper or a conveyor in our buildings.
Delivery - Times
- the delivery periods are given only as an indication and can give place, on behalf of the purchaser, neither with the cancellation of the order nor to a request for damages in the event of delay due to an unspecified event.
- In any assumption, the delivery within the deadlines can intervene only if the purchaser is up to date of his obligations towards us, whatever the cause of its possible failure.
- the order will be carried out at the latest within 30 days as from the day following that where the ordering of the consumer was definitively validated (average of received payment and procedure of checking of order carried out).
In the event of unavailability of the ordered product, in particular because of our suppliers, the consumer will be as soon as possible informed and will have the possibility for it of cancelling his order. The consumer will have then the choice to ask either for refunding, if necessary, of the sums paid in the 30 days at the latest of their payment, or an exchange of product of characteristics and equivalent price, if is able to get it.
In the event of impossibility of exchange, reserves the right to cancel the customer order and to refund the versed money.
Information on the availability of the products being transmitted by our suppliers, the unavailability of the product could not urge the responsibility for nor to open right to damages for the customer.
Delivery - Risks
In all the cases, the product travels to the risks and dangers of the purchaser to which it belongs, in the event of damage or of lack, to make any observation necessary and to confirm its reserves by extra-judicial act or letter registered with notice of receipt near the conveyor in the two days which follow the reception of the goods. All our products are ensured the selling price.
Return - Methods - Any return of product must be the subject of a written formal agreement of our share comprising a number of RMA (Return of Authorized Material). For lack of this agreement, we will refuse any reception of product in return incorrectly or not coded.
- Any return of product must comprise a photocopy of the invoice as well as a letter of reference of the breakdown.
- Any return must be carried out free of port.
The carriage costs and risks of return remain with the load of the purchaser. We thus advise you to assure your forwardings the value of your invoice.
Return - Consequences
SATISFIED OR REFUNDED: for the mail order trading. Any order on the site or is the subject of a guarantee "satisfied or refunded".
If you were not satisfied with the delivered product, you have 7 days as from the acceptance of the delivery to turn over us the articles in a perfect state of origne. Except plays, software,et other consumable goods and/or perishable.
In the event of return of goods, our company is held with the refunding of the paid sums, except for the delivery and carriage costs.
Very begun again accepted by us will involve constitution of a refunding or one to have (at the request of the purchaser) with the profit of the purchaser after qualitative checking of the turned over products. In the event of vice apparent or from nonconformity of the product delivered duly noted by us under the conditions envisaged of these conditions of sale, the purchaser will be able to obtain the free replacement or the refunding of the product to our choice other than any allowance or damages.
The guarantee "satisfied or refunded" is also valid for the consumable ones, the plays, DVD in the condition which the products are still sealed. The consumable ones will be replaced in the event of manufacturing defect during 7 days. This possibility put aside, these products are sold without guarantee or responsibility even if the defect or the loss is caused by negligence or error.