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04219 Boeing 747-400 Lufthansa



04219 Boeing 747-400 Lufthansa



04219 Boeing 747-400 Lufthansa

Model details
Scale    1:144
No. of parts    155
Length    490 mm
Wingspan    462 mm
Skill Level    4
Original details
Type description    Four-jet long-distance passenger airliner
Year/Period    1988
Origin    USA
Engine capacity    4 x 26.267 kp
Engine    CF6-80C2 engines
Speed    920 kph
Weight    362 870 - 394 630 kg
04219 Boeing 747-400 'Lufthansa'
When Boeing introduced the 747 series, they set new standards in aircraft construction ad revolutionides modern air transport. The 747, which was the first of the wide-bodied or "jumbo" jets as they were commonly called, is still the heaviest, most powerful civil airliner ever built. Innovations such as the doubling of the passenger or freight carrying capacity and quadrupling of the useful load, were made possible with the new generation, of jet engines with their much reduced fuel consumption. Following develpment work sinse 1960, the maiden flight took place in February 1969. The latest and most eceonomical version is the 747-400 which carries 400 passengers and features an extended upper deck and longer wings. Its range is 10,450 km. The CF6-80C2 engines deliver a thrust of 26.267 kgf. Cruising speed 920 km/h, fuel capacity 216.000 l. Lufthansa has been using the 747-400 on its transatlantic and Far Eastern routes since 1989.

- Structurally detailed surfaces
- Four CF-6 engines
- Detailed undercarriage
- Landing gear option (retracted or let down)
- Structurally detailed wings
- Superb transfers with service markings

Colors: 4 8 9 90 91 99 350 374


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