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IK3015020 Easyfly 4 Interface



IK3015020 Easyfly 4 Interface



EasyFly 4 is based on technology, design, flight physics and graphics of AeroFly Professional Deluxe simulator, whose reputation is second to none. It offers beginners, experienced riders and professionals a perfect simulation.
4 easyFly allow each driver to find a model to his liking. With its unique landscape and its many digital control possibilities, easyFly RC 4 is a complete simulator.

• 16 properties to choose from, including 14 in 360 digitized scenes and 2 highly detailed 3D scenes
• 107 highly detailed models, including models of 3D aerobatics, gliders, sailplanes slope, electrical and thermal Helicopters, jets and much more (57 aircraft, 10 jets, 26 helicopters, 14 gliders.
• reproduction of the real shadow on the landscape model
• Simulation of fog or smoke (optional)
• New effects, such as mock glare when you fly into the sun
• An improved rolling behavior for all models
• cockpit view with real instruments (3D scenes only)
• Plug and Play Standard
• Realistic simulation of the wind

Minimum System Requirements:
• Pentium 4 or compatible processor AMD Athlon 64 with minimum 1.5 GHz
• 3D graphics card compatible with OpenGL minimum of 256 MB
• 512 MB RAM
• Hard drive with with 3 GB of free space
• DirectX 9 or more
• One free USB port
• Windows XP/Vista/7
• Internet connection for activation
Caution: If a minimum, the quality of simulation depends directly on the model chosen and the landscape.

• Pentium 4 or compatible processor AMD Athlon 64 with minimum 2.0 GHz
• 3D graphics card compatible with OpenGL least 512 MB
• 1 GB RAM
• High performance PCI sound card


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