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IK3061002 Aerofly Pro Deluxe Mac



IK3061002 Aerofly Pro Deluxe Mac



AeroFly Deluxe is a flight simulator for high-end aircraft / gliders and helicopters. It is not just for professionals or experienced riders, but also for beginners and for an introduction to modeling.
• Over 20 fabulous scenery
• 68 highly detailed models, including models of 3D aerobatics, 3m TOC, gliders, biplanes, gliders flying slope, Slow and Shock-Flyers, helicopters and thermal electric, multi blade, jets, Harrier (VTOL) and many still others.
• stunning realistic landscapes through 360 °, it is like on the ground!
• Indoor scenes highly detailed 3D
• Print true model of the shadow on the landscape
• Simulation of fog or smoke (optional)
• "Whistle" gliders
• rolling behavior improved for all models
• Cockpit view with real instruments
• Music specially composed for this simulation
• Plug and Play simplified (no need for drivers or calibration on Windows). Simply plug the USB cord and go!
• In the event of a crash, the model is broken into several pieces with a bang, very close to reality
• Realistic simulation of the wind (the configuration of the landscape reflects the effects of wind turbulence and thermals)
• Split screen for towing (fly with your friend on the same computer)


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