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WP Quadcopter Alpha 110 RTF Mode 1



WP Quadcopter Alpha 110 RTF Mode 1



The little one - Brings light in the dark

The little Graupner Quadcopter Alpha 110 RTF.Mode1 is, in spate its small size and its light weight of about 39 grams, a grown multicopter. Simply make of your apartment or of your garden a race track, challenge your friends or organize a night race: incredibly cool! Thank to the proven multicoptersoftware, derived from the GR-18 gyro reciver, the little Alpha flies like a bigger multicopter.

The versatile and robust quadcopter

The 110 is very robust made and this way it forgives errors. The flexible, shock absorbing chassis material perfectly protects all electronic components. Thus makes the little Alpha perfect for beginners and as training copter. Controls and rate are already set up and the copter can fly immediately out of the box. The integrated Auto-Flip function lets the copter perform spectacular flight maneuvers - by pushing one switch and selecting the direction. Experienced pilots switch to acro mode (Rate mode). Now you can use the little one as excellent training to improve your copter aerobatic skills.

Version Mode1

By the Alpha 110 RTF.Mode1 version the throttle stick is on the right side of the transmitter. Alternatively you can purchase the Mode2 version, with throttle stick on the left side.

Included in the set

In the Ready to Fly Copter package all is included: Propellers, motors, receiver with built-in flight control, a strong 1S 350 mAh LiPo battery, USB charger so as the Graupner mz-8 transmitter.
Besides the big main LED, the 110 has accessory LEDs on the back for better position recognition. The illumination can be switched on and off through the transmitter.

Other versions and accessories

The Alpha 110 RTF.Mode1 comes completely assembled with battery and propellers. In the package is included a Graupner mz-8 transmitter. Do you prefer to push the throttle on the left side? The little Alpha 110 is available also as RTF version in Mode2 with throttle control on the left side (No. S5012M2.RTF).
If you want to experience the full FPV feeling there is the little Alpha also as FPV version with built-in FPV camera (No. S5012.FPV). Experience exciting races from the I-perspective. A Ready for HoTT version (RFH) is also available (No. S5012.RFH).

All accessories and spare parts are available at any time in the Graupner Online shop.

Included in the set

  • 39 g light quadcopter
  • Built-in switchable LEDs for position recognition and model detection
  • Auto-Flip function
  • Robust chassis for optimum protection of the electronics
  • Graupner HoTT mz-8 2,4 GHz transmitter
  • Rechargeable and replaceable 350 mAh LiPo battery
  • USB charge cable
  • 4 spare propellers included

Height [mm]: 35 mm
Weight [g]: 39 g
Empty weight [g]: 9 g
Rotor diameter [mm]: 55 mm
Length excl. rotor [mm] : 70 mm
Fuselage width excl. Rotor [mm]: 30 mm
Batteries or accumulators included?: Yes
Version: RTF
Variant [colour]: Mode1
Assembly needed?: nein
Receiver included?: Yes
Difficulty level: Beginner
Transmitter included?: Yes
Drive included?: Yes
Controller included?: Yes
Camera included: No
Chassis diagonal [mm]: 180 mm
Number of arms: 4
LEDs included: Yes
Propeller included: Ja
Props - Number of blades: 2
Chassis material: Nylon
axial diagonal [mm]: 110 mm
Chassis height [mm]: 40 mm


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WP Quadcopter Alpha 110 RTF Mode 1
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WP Quadcopter Alpha 110 RTF Mode 1
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WP Quadcopter Alpha 110 RTF Mode 1
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WP Quadcopter Alpha 110 RTF Mode 1
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