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T606 Sea Cret



T606 Sea Cret



The Sea-Cret, is a reproduction of a radio controlled model treated sailboat racing. This model was designed for pure speed. The hull, keel and rudder were designed for this purpose while maintaining outstanding sailing qualities. The Sea-Cret is capable of reaching very high speeds while remaining very easy to maneuver. The shape of the keel with a lead ballast located very low indeed ensures effective recovery even in the most perilous situations. The mast is aluminum, so strong and lightweight while the sails are cut in the real fabric of navy. No sail winch is required, the large rudder provided more than enough to maneuver quickly and precisely the sails. A watertight hatch allows quick and easy access to electronic equipment on board (available separately). Finally, despite its large size, the Sea-Cret is easily transportable thanks to its removable keel and were dismantled. You can take it with you on all water bodies.

> Semi-Scale model of a sailboat 36-600 Class America's Cup
> Shell molded in one piece and dyed in the mass
> Types of hull, keel and ballast optimized for maximum hydrodynamic performance
> Mast alloy high-strength aircraft-type
> Sails in real textile Navy
> Deck fittings included wing
> Waterproof radio compartment with lock
> Superb amenities treated semi-scale bridge
> Ber presentation included
> Flying with a 2-way radio control servos with standard (available separately). No servo winch required

Length: 914mm
Width: 170mm
Height: 1655mm
Mast: 1232mm
Weight: 2470g
Sail Area: 19.94dm ²
Jib area: 15.38dm ²


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